By: Dorothy-Grace Guerrero*

Note: This article gives further context to the statement from Focus on the Global South last month concerning the proposed U.S. military intervention. The U.S.-Russia Syrian Accord reached in Geneva between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is progressing and the inspection of Syria’s chemical weapons has begun. We deem it important, especially for movements and Left groups in Asia, to understand the Syrian conflict and the revolution that is still happening there.

A collection of activists' perspectives from Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe

Editors: Gonzalo Berrón, Jenina Joy Chavez, Cecilia Olivet and Graciela Rodríguez

Publishers: Focus on the Global South, Transnational Institute, Instituto Eqüit, People's Agenda for Alternative Regionalisms.

With Articles from current and former Focus Staffers: Meena Menon, Jenina Joy Chavez, Afsar Jafri and Dorothy Grace Guerrero.



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