Pablo Solón is being persecuted by the Bolivian Government, and is facing fabricated legal charges because he dared to challenge two mega-hydropower projects in the Amazonian region, El Bala and El Chepete. Both Solón and Rafael Archondo, a well-known journalist, are facing up to four years imprisonment.

Take action! Contact the Bolivian Government

We urge you to write to the Bolivian Government to ask them to drop the sham charges and investigate the contracts between the Empresa Nacional de Electricidad (ENDE) and the Italian company Geodata in relation to the hydro-electric project, El Bala.

Messages can be sent to Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia, at:

Fax: +591-22202321

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @evoespueblo

Other actions:

Solidarity photos: Print the attached poster, take a photo with it and post on websites, Facebook and Twitter, tagging @MinJusticiaBol and @Minenergias, and using the hashtags #WeAreWithSolon and #StopElBalaChepete. Please also post on the Fundación Solón Facebook.

Send a solidarity message to Pablo Solón and Rafael Archondo:

Send a letter to and/or visit your nearest Embassy or Consulate of Bolivia

More information about this case and El Bala and Chepete projects:

Fundación Solón website and Facebook page for latest updates (mostly in Spanish) andón-Solón-863600320418959

Focus on the Global South statement (English):

Pablo Solón’s request to the Ministry of Institutional Transparency to investigate the ENDE-Geodata contracts (in Spanish):

Short piece on Pablo Solón and El Bala case (in English):

Why Pablo Solon is being tried – article by a former colleague of Solón/former Bolivian Defense Minister (in Spanish)


Short video features (in Spanish) on El Bala and El Chepete projects and why they are unviable economically

Dossier on the El Bala and El Chepete projects (in Spanish):