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Focus on the Global South co-founder Walden Bello and staff members Pablo Solon, Afsar Jafri, Joseph Purugganan, and Dorothy Guerrero have contributed to a new reader from Transnational Institute (TNI) called “Shifting Power: Critical Perspectives on Emerging Economies.” Their working papers examine BRICS and global trade, BRICS and global capitalism, and the changing role of China in the world economy.

According to TNI’s website, the reader “seeks to help movements navigate our changing multipolar world as well as provide an invaluable source of alternative analysis for students, analysts and journalists.” Read and download the whole document as a PDF, or click below to get individual chapters by our staff:

BRICS: A Global Trade Power in a Multipolar World, by Joseph Purugganan, Afsar Jafri and Pablo Solon

The BRICS and Global Capitalism, by Walden Bello

China Rising, by Dorothy Grace Guerrero

“Shifting Power” was published by TNI in September of 2014 under Creative Commons licensing. Editing was done by Nick Buxton and Nicola Bullard, copyediting by Imre Szucs, design and layout by Ricardo Santos. Full list of contributing authors: Walden Bello, Praful Bidwai, Tomaso Ferrando, William Gumede, Dorothy Grace Guerrero, Afsar Jafri, Adhemar Mineiro, Joseph Purugganan, Deepshikha Shahi, Pablo Solón, Achin Vanaik.