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We’re pleased to present our 2013 Annual Report.

Following a successful restructuring process in 2011-2012, Focus on the Global South continued to provide a powerful critical analysis of inequality and corporate capture in South and Southeast Asia during 2013. Under the ongoing programme, “Whose New Asia?”, we engaged with social movements, NGOs and other types of allies at national, regional and international levels in our three thematic prgramme areas: Defending the Commons, Climate and Environmental Justice, and Trade and Investment.

Despite the challenge of limited resources, Focus produced informed analyses of trends, developed campaigns together with our allies, and advanced much-needed alternatives to neoliberalism and other economic growth-based paradigms.

Highlights from the year included:

  • Mobilising opposition at the WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali.
  • Supporting national campaigns against bilateral free trade agreements in India, the Philippines and Thailand.
  • Launching the National Platform against Water Privatisation with allies in India.
  • Holding discussions in Asia about the Latin American indigenous concept of vivir bien (“living well”)
  • Co-organising Clmiate Space at the World Social Forum in Tunis to put the need for system change at the centre of international climate justice work.
  • Engaging in policy by helping draft legislation in the Philippines and participating in the UN Committee on World Food Security.
  • Working with regional climate and economic justice momements to resist the neoliberal agendas of ASEAN, national governments and TNCs.
  • Launching focusonpoverty.org, an online resource for the Philippines.

Key publications included:

Thanks, as always, to all of our partners, friends and allies.

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