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The Indian retail sector, which traditionally has been the source of livelihood for millions of small scale entrepreneurs, is witnessing a dramatic shift in terms of organisation – from the traditional family-run small shops and street markets to modern formats of retailing such as mega-stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets. The entry of organised corporate retail in the country and its subsequent expansion at a fast pace has led to a widespread debate on its pros and cons. However, thus far case study research on its implicationsonthemillionsofsmall shop owners and street hawkers is scanty.

In the absence of adequate empirical evidence, this study is, therefore, an attempt to understand the concerns of the small retailers – including kirana stores and street vendors dealing in food and grocery retailing in the metro city of Mumbai.

We hope this paper will be useful for researchers, academicians, activists and common people to build an understanding on the impact of organised/corporate retail on the millions earning their livelihood through retail.