As the Asian Development Bank (ADB) holds its 38th Annual Governors Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey on May 4-6, 2005, Focus on the Global South releases its latest publication, The ADB and Policy (Mis)governance in Asia. This dossier puts togethereleven articles, each tackling important aspects of institutional and policy governance of the Bank. This packet also contains statements on ADB policies from movements, ADB watchers, civil society groups and social critics.

Iraq DossierThe US has always promoted its strategic and economic interests by exalting its own political and economic model of liberal democracy and market capitalism as superior to all else, and when others disagree, they readily resort to covert or overt force to make the point.

By Walden Bello

Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt and Company, New York
272 p, $25, Pub. Date March 4, 2005 , ISBN 0-8050-7402-3
The political and economic institutions of Washington 's global hegemony, including the system of global economic governance centered on the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank, are analyzed in the context of what Walden Bello sees as an irreversible crisis of US power.

Iraq.incIRAQ, INC.: A PROFITABLE OCCUPATION by Pratap Chatterjee

"A powerful combination of investigative research and o­n-the-ground reporting." -Naomi Klein, author No Logo, columnist The Guardian, UK
In Iraq, Inc.: A Profitable Occupation Pratap Chatterjee, managing editor of watchdog group CorpWatch, brings us the dilapidated hospitals, looted ministries, and guarded corporate enclaves that mark the plunderous road to America's liberated Iraq. Bringing together a critical mass of evidence from major media sources with an o­n-the-ground account of the Iraq occupation business, Chatterjee presents the most complete-to-date chronicle of the exploits of private contractors hired to reconstruct and manage Iraq.