By Hemant Morparia and Anant Kulkarni

Publisher: YUVA and Focus o­n the Global South-India Programme

This publication wasproduced by YUVA and the Focus_India Programme in the light of the communal carnage that racked the Indian State of Gujarat in 2002.

The damage to life and property in the three month long carnage was considerable, but pales into insignificance when compared to the deper and long lasting socio-cultural wounds that it left behind.

The book is a compilation of politically hard hitting cartoons and those with a message of hope in the darkness of communal animosity and religious hatred.

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Too hot to handle: The Samut Prakan Wastewater Management Project Inspection Process

Khlong Dan Community Writes to the ADB President
Controversial Report Poisons Board-Management Relations at ADB
By : Walden Bello
Evading Responsibility: The Asian Development Bank and the Inspection Function
By : Shalmali Guttal
Call for Goverment to Review Mega-Projects Tainted by Graft
By : Onnucha Hutasingh and Sunthorn Pongpao
Dirty Business in Samut Prakan
By : Chang Noi
Inspection Report on Samut Prakarn Shakes Asian Development Bank
By : Walden Bello
Summary of the Final Report of the Inspection Panel on Samut Prakarn Wastewater  Management Project
Summary of the Report and Recommendation of the Inspection Committee to The Board of Directors of the ADB on Inspection Request
Interventions by Directors representing various Countries at the ADB Board meeting held on 25th of March 2002

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Good Governance or Bad management:An overview of ADB's Decision making Processes and Policies

A collection articles that pry open the ADB's claim to good governance and demand a fresh look at the decision making processes within the ADB. 

Published April 2001

A compilation of articles o­n the Asian Development Bank, its policies and impacts. This book was produced coinciding with the ADB annual general meeting in Honolulu in May 2001.

Profiting from poverty (161 Kb) PDF


Table of Contents:

1. The Emperor’s New Clothes: The Asian Development Bank’s Poverty Reduction Strategy, by Shalmali Guttal

2. The Asian Development Bank, Capital Flows and the Privatization of Infrastructure Projects in the South, by Chris Adams

3.Taking stock of the Motives and Interests in ADB’s Private Sector Operations, by Jenina Joy Chavez

4. The Paradigm Crisis behind the Power Crisis, by Walden Bello

5. South Asia Growth Quadrangle: Some Developmental and Political Contradictions, by Raghav Narsalay

6. Privatizing Power in the Philippines: Cure Worse than the Disease, by Walden Bello

7. Dam Misconduct in Lao PDR, by Grainne Ryder

8. ADB in Indonesia: Alleviate Poverty or Enhance Poverty? by Nadia Hadad


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