President Chavez's Speech to the 6th World Social Forum – Americas
Friday, May 05, 2006
" I want to specifically greet many friends, comrades, and companeros who are here. Abel Prieto, Cuban Minister of Culture, is with us; Kamil Chambers, Haitian activist, is representing the heroic people of Haiti; Walden Bello of the Philippines; Samir Amin; long time friends and activists who are examples to us all: Ignacio Ramonet, Ricardo Alarcon, Blanca Chancoso, Juan Ferrer, Richard Gott, Cindy Sheehan— for you a kiss, valiant woman and heroic mother; Beverly King, Aleida Guevara, friend and compañera; Marcelo Barros, Bernard Cassen, and many others—To you all I extend a greeting, an embrace and all my affection."

President of the Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez: Every time that I come to a very special event like this one, special because, first of all, these are events are overflowing with passion; I always come with the desire, the intention and commitment to reflect on issues and ideas. And there lies the perpetual dilemma— passion vs. reason— but both are necessary. I never know where to begin speaking in events as beautiful as this; I always cover the ideas that flow from the grand emotion, like that which I feel tonight in this gathering of the World Social Forum and in this anti imperialist event. I will begin.

Good evening to all. I greet and welcome you…

Audience: Applause

President Chávez: Is that the Frente Miranda? Good, I want to greet everyone of you collectively and individually and welcome our illustrious guests that came from the four cardinal points of the world to this Caracas, to this Venezuela, to this South America.

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