People’s Climate Summit – Lycée Jean Jaurès, Metro station Mairie de Montreuil (line 9)

Launch of the book e Secure and the Dispossessed, How the Military and Corpora- tions are shaping a climate-changed world by the Transnational Institute and friends
Dec 5th: 10:00, Salle 406

System change not climate change: uniting struggles for climate justice, rejecting false solutions, and changing the system by the Climate Space
Dec 5th: 13:30, La Parole Errante

Peasant agriculture is protecting the Earth by La Via Campesina
Dec 5th: 14:00, Salle 311

Free Trade Agreements: Which impacts on agriculture? by La Via Campesina
Dec 5th: 16:30, Salle 311

People’s Sovereignty vs. the Architecture of Impunity by the Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity
Dec 6th: 10:00, Salle polyvalente

Climate Justice for Migrants by Via Campesina 
Dec 6th: 14:00, Salle 104

Towards a UN Binding Treaty on TNCs & Stopping the Trade-Investment Regime and Climate Change by organisations members of the Treaty Alliance
Dec 6th: 14:00, Salle 406 


Generation Climat Centre – COP21 site, Rer B station Le bourget

Cooling the earth with peasant agriculture and food sovereignty, Via Campesina and friends Dec 8th: 13:45
Migrant voices in the struggle against climate change by La Via Campesina and friends
Dec 10th: 17:45 


Climate Action Zone – the Centquatre, 5 rue Cru-cial, Metro station Riquet (line 7)

Industrial agriculture is a false solution to climate change by La Via Campesina
Dec 7th: 12:00, Forum ouvert

Blue Carbon: ocean grabbing in disguise by World Forum of Fisher People and friends
Dec 8th: 15:00, Atelier du bas

Frontline ghts back: Trade, Climate and Corporate Power Convergence Assembly Dec 8th: 18:00 Bourse du travail – 3 rue du château d’eau, Metro station République

Day of Peasant Agriculture and Food Sover- eignty by La Via Campesina and friends
Dec 9th: day long range of activities – conference, workshops, photo exhibit, lm projection – to voice peasants’ real solutions to climate change

Struggle against industrial livestock
and feedstock production: support for small-farmer agroecology by La Via Campesina and friends
Dec 9th: 13:00, Forum ouvert

No to agribusiness, yes to peasant agriculture to protect Earth by La Via Campesina
Dec 9th: 16:30, Salle 200

Climate change and the threat to food, land and water resources by the Asian Peoples Move- ment on Debt & Development
Dec 9th: 11:00, Bourse du travail Salle Croizat – 3 rue du château d’eau, Metro station République 

Launch of the book the great climate robbery: How the food system drives climate change and what we can do about it by GRAIN
Dec 7th: 17:30, Café Zango – 15 Rue du Cygne, Metro station Etienne Marcel (line 4)