The recent brush with the COVID-19 pandemic thoroughly exposed the inequities and frailties of corporate agriculture systems. The breakdown of global supply chains resulted in shortages and increased food insecurity in many countries, and large commodity traders made windfall profits. However, as international trade collapsed due to lockdowns, local and public food systems emerged as viable alternatives and peasant organisations set up solidarity networks to protect livelihoods and ensure access to food.

Agroecology has emerged as an important approach promoting practices that are more sustainable, ecologically safer and enhance peasant incomes and fulfil the right to food, which are in stark contrast to corporate-led industrial scale agriculture. To discuss these issues in-depth, Focus on the Global South, in collaboration with the All India Peoples Science Network, organised an online dialogue Series on Agroecology: Possibilities and Challenges in India. Dialogue 01 focused on Vulnerabilities of Farmers & Farming Today – Is Agroecology a Solution?, and Dialogue 02 deliberated on Pathways to a Sustainable Agriculture & Critical Assessment of Government Policies. The following videos are from these two dialogues.

Dialogue #01 – Vulnerabilities of Farmers & Farming Today – Is Agroecology a Solution?

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Dialogue #02 – Pathways to a Sustainable Agriculture and Critical Assessment of Government Policies

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