Join our board member Silvia Ribeiro of the ETC Group, as she highlights the critical but often unrecognized contributions of women in agriculture and technology, corporate influence in global food and agriculture, the entwined dynamics of corporations and climate change, and the hidden frameworks of finance and digital technology reshaping our existence.


Women’s Work: The Unseen Force in Agriculture and Tech

In this video, Ribeiro explores the pivotal yet overlooked role of women in agriculture and technology. She highlights the invisible labor of women in nurturing biodiversity and the risks posed by digitalization in masking their contributions. Discover the deep-rooted connections between gender, technology, and environmental stewardship, and why a reevaluation of technological progress is crucial for equitable and sustainable development.


Who Controls Our Food? Corporate Power in Agriculture

In this video, Ribeiro explores the vast influence of corporate power in the global food and agriculture sectors. Based in Mexico City, Ribeiro brings decades of research experience to shed light on how a few corporations have tightened their grip on markets, laws, and technologies to prioritize profit over people. This video reveals the strategies used by major companies like Bayer, Monsanto, and others to dominate the food chain and the repercussions for global food sovereignty. Ribeiro calls for urgent collaborative efforts to counteract this control and ensure a sustainable future for our food systems.


Climate Change: Are Corporations Helping or Profiting?

Here, Ribeiro investigates the complex relationship between corporations and climate change. She unravels how these entities, through net zero pledges and technological solutions like geoengineering, often prioritize profit over genuine environmental action. In this video, Ribeiro questions the effectiveness of carbon markets and geoengineering, urging a deeper analysis of the industrial and technological influences on our environment. She speaks of the truth behind corporate environmental claims and the imperative for genuine solutions to the climate crisis.


The Hidden Rulers: Finance and Digital Tech in Our Daily Lives

In this last video, Ribeiro exposes the invisible networks of finance and digital tech shaping our world. In “The Hidden Rulers,” she unravels the silent dominance of major corporations over industries, especially in food and agriculture, revealing how a few financial giants like BlackRock and Vanguard orchestrate market control from behind the scenes. This video sheds light on the pervasive impact of digital monopolies, led by companies like GAFAM and Asia’s tech giants, on governance and personal privacy. Ribeiro calls for urgent action to demystify these powers, advocating for transparency and regulation to safeguard public interest and promote social equity.