Join Boaventura Monjane, a postdoc fellow at the Institute for Poverty and Agrarian Studies, University of the Western Cape, and an agrarian activist and journalist, as he delves into the intricate and pressing issue of corporate power in Africa, particularly Mozambique. Monjane is also a board member of Focus on the Global South


“The New Age of Imperialism: Unveiling Corporate Power in Africa”

In this video, Monjane examines the contemporary forms of corporate imperialism in Africa. He sheds light on how multinational corporations influence government policies and legal frameworks, perpetuating a new age of imperialism. The discussion revolves around the ways these entities exploit resources and communities, especially in Mozambique, under the guise of legality and development.


“From Exploitation to Empowerment: Forging a Global South Uprising”

Expanding the scope, the second video addresses the broader challenges faced by the global South in the context of neoliberalism and global economic policies. Monjane discusses the influence of both Western and Eastern corporate interests, highlighting their role in sectors like mining and infrastructure. He emphasizes the historical continuity of exploitation and the emerging need for a collective response that transcends local boundaries and fosters a united front for change.

These videos offer an analytical perspective on the complex relationship between corporate power, government policies, and community impact in the Global South. Monjane’s insights provide a deeper understanding of the ongoing challenges and potential pathways towards reclaiming agency and building a more equitable future.