Focus on the Global South in cooperation with the MA in International Development Studies Programme of the Chulalongkorn University in Thailand will launch a 15-day international course on Globalisation, Social Justice and Civil Society. The course will provide an analytical interpretation of the ongoing debates that concerns the dynamics, institutional structures, and central processes of globalisation and development as well as the interactive relationship between governance and collective action.

The course includes an examination of the political, social and cultural aspects of social movement building as well as empirical cases of initiatives for social justice, sustainability and human rights. 

The course will bring together practitioners (staff and members of civil society organisations and networks, including the media) from within and beyond the Asian region. Through this course, Focus and Chulalongkorn University wish to contribute in the development and strengthening of links between organisations and networks as well as provide a space for the deepening of understanding about global issues and the role of civil society organisations in addressing the issues.

Course Design

The course will follow a combination of inputs from lecturers, public seminars, small group workshops, and mutual teaching and learning among participants. The participants will also be encouraged to prepare presentations and share their experiences on campaigning, public education and mobilisation. The topics for presentations will be agreed between the lecturers and the participants. Some sessions will also be allocated for group debates, campaign and/or mobilisation strategy sharing and other practical exercises.

The course will run for 15 days (Monday to Friday, with morning and afternoon sessions) at the Chulalongkorn University campus in Bangkok, Thailand from October 2 to October 20, 2006.

Application and Criteria for Selection of Participants
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The course organisers will ensure a well balanced participation in terms of gender, sector, country of origin, and level of engagement (local, regional, global). The course is designed for those who have at least 2 years of experience in development work, campaign and lobby, NGO project/programme operation and movement/network organising.   

Due to cost considerations, all lectures and public events will be presented in English. It is expected that participants have a good command of the language. For applicants from China, the language requirement could be waived and simultaneous translation will be available during lectures and public events.

As a component of Focus on the Global South’s China Project, course participants from China will be offered a one-month field exposure or short internship. They could select to go to any of the Focus Country Programmes: India, Thailand or the Philippines.


IV. Course Content:

Note: Actual Lecture/Sessions will still be prepared and not listed below

Part 1 – Contradictions between current trend to globalisation and development
5 days

1. The rise and crisis of the Globalization Project
2. The political and social dimensions of Globalisation
3. Empire and Hegemony
4. Development Strategies: Rights-based approach, poverty alleviation,  sustainability, good governance and participation, women in development,  human security.
5. The Multilateral Matrix

Part 2 –  Non-State Actors: Theories, Practices and Critiques about  Collective Engagement
7 days


1. Theorizing Social Movements – Collective Action, Resource Mobilisation and Identity
2. Civil Society Organisations and their political environment: State-Society relations in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe, and Latin America.
3. Strategies, Impacts and Trajectories
4. New Social Movements, Internationalism and Solidarity Culture

Part 3  –  Social Justice and Equity  
 2 days


1. Movements, Democracy, Citizenship

2. Social Justice and the World Social Forum

Part 4  – Course Synthesis and Evaluation

This part will synthesize and evaluate the course.

Course Staff

Course Co-ordinator: Dorothy Guerrero, (Focus on the Global South)
Dr. Walden Bello (Director, Focus on the Global South)
Dr. Chantana Banpasirichote Wun’Gaeo (Director, Chulalongkorn Univ)
Dr. Cho Hee-Yeon (Graduate School for Civil Society and Welfare,    Sungkunghoe University, Seoul
Dr. Wen Tiejun (Dean, School of Agricultural Economics and Rural    Development, Renmin University, Beijing)
Dr. Patrick Bond (Director, Center for Civil Society, University of         Natal, Durban)
Nicola Bullard (Focus)
Shalmali Guttal (Focus)
Dorothy Guerrero (Focus)

Download the application forms Word format | PDF Format

For more details contact Dorothy Guerrero