By Aileen Kwa and Walden Bello
; The Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) is one of the most significant agreements negotiated in the Uruguay Round. As with the other Uruguay Round Agreements, it came into effect in 1995 under the new World Trade Organisation (WTO) regime.

The AoA regulates the liberalisation of agricultural products. Liberalising agricultural trade is of interest to huge segments of the world population because agriculture is the means of livelihood for many in the North and South. Particularly in the developing South, the structure of agricultural production to a large degree determines whether, and to what extent, people have access to the food they need. Large numbers depend on subsistence farming and also on cash crop farming for their livelihoods. Net-food-importing countries, especially lower income resource poor countries are very vulnerable to world food price fluctuations and to the competing imported products from the North making their way into their borders.

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