Expert of Initiative Post Globalization Dorothy-Grace Guerrero after Counter Summit wrote an article devoted to G-20 and Counter Summit, where called G-20 “the mirage created by the elite”.

“Movements and communities that are seeking and pushing for alternatives are developing fresh ideas and strategies to ensure that the trade and investment regime that the G20 maintains and promotes will fail. The powers of the WTO, international financial institutions like the World Bank, International Monetary Bank, regional development banks and finance corporations, as well as transnational corporations and other agents of exploitative capital must be confronted and their schemes must be continually exposed. Collective demands for social transformation and people’s empowerment must be creatively shaped through organizing, political and development education and solidarity strengthened by campaigns in order to build an alternative world” considers Dorothy.

She explains that the G20 counter-summit exposes the mirage created by the elite that the neoliberal system, now wrapped in a new shiny covering of green economy, offers a green path away from the deepening poverty, inequality, climate-changed induced catastrophes, and other social ills created by the very same system. “The old powers, now happily joined by new and aspiring actors, are still playing their old game of opportunistic manipulation of crises and the concept of development. This time, they are bringing capitalism to a new level by bringing nature under the control of markets by putting a price to the services of nature”, concludes expert of Initiative Postglobalization.

On the 3rd and 4th of September, two days before the official G-20, there was a Counter Summit in Saint- Petersburg, where alternatives ideas were promoted.