Annual Report 2015

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  • Marked the 20th anniversary of Focus on the Global South with a two-day International Conference on Peoples’ Struggles and Alternatives - over 120 people attended, representing almost 80 organisations from 20 different countries

  • Joined mass mobilisations in Paris and released our analysis on climate justice to show the importance of social movements in taking action on climate change

  • Joined the mobilisations in Nairobi during the 10th WTO ministerial to relay civil society demands during international trade negotiations

  • Played a central role in the visit of the UN Special Rapporteur on Right to Food visit to the Philippines and published a comprehensive report of her meeting with civil society organisations

  • Coordinated the Peoples’ APEC, which was hosted in the Philippines, and provided critique on the APEC agenda

  • Co-organised the first ever Agrarian Reform Youth Congress in the Philippines, to cultivate a new generation of agrarian reform activists

  • Organised a 10-day farmers’ exchange in India, exposing Bangladeshi farmers and activists to agroecological practices

  • Supported land rights activists and communities in Cambodia, helping to secure resolutions in several cases of land conflicts 


Annual Report