Climate & Environment

By Herbert Docena

Herbert is a former staff member of Focus. He is in Paris monitoring the developments inside and outside the talks.

Photo Caption: Which road to systems change? Photo by Joseph Purugganan. Paris 2015. 

PARIS - As usual, the deadlock in the on-going UN climate change summit here in Paris is being depicted the by media, government officials, NGOs, and even activists as a reprise of the long-running struggle between the so-called “developed” and “developing” countries and/or between “big polluters” and the “people.”

Paris. 05 December 2015.--In a jam-packed conference hall in Le Parole errante in Paris representatives of groups and movements from the Climate Space discussed their prognosis of the Paris talks, and the collective message was the much touted deal to save the world from the climate crisis will most likely end up burning the planet.

Outside the COP21 'negotiations' where nothing substantial will yet be again achieved, there are spaces where we will be converging to talk about real issues affecting real people & communities; where the voices of those in the frontlines of struggles for climate justice & people's rights have the opportunity to be heard. Join us! Feel free to share.‪#‎COP21andBeyond‬


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