SONA Moblizations on 24 July 2023 along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, Philippines.

“Marcos Jr.’s slogan now is ‘Bagong Pilipinas’ (New Philippines), but the question is: Did anything change [for the better] from the regime that [his predecessor] Duterte started?”
Joseph Purugganan of Focus on the Global South

“We, the workers, are the biggest contributors to the national economy — but are continually deprived of our rights to unionize, to strike, to bargain collectively — under Marcos, Jr.’s regime, 69 unionists and trade union leaders have been killed for their asserting rights.”
Judy Ann Chan-Miranda of Partido Manggagawa

“Climate and environmental justice groups are dismayed and angered by this government’s lack of action apart from promises of meetings, dialogues, and investigations with no concrete results on the issue of environment and natural resources.”
Jaybee Garganera of Alliance to End Mining

“Do believe in Marcos, Jr.’s ‘New Philippines?’ No, because we, the people, know and feel the true state of the nation — after six years of violence, injustices, and impunity under Duterte — and now perpetuated by this regime.”
Judy Pasimio of Lilak (Purple Action for Indigenous Women's Rights) and In Defense of Human Rights and Dignity Movement (iDEFEND)

Focus on the Global South joined the IDEFEND SONA mobilization and highlights the issues of corporate capture of policies and Criminalization of  land, environmental and indigenous peoples rights struggles.