Climate and Environmental Justice

There will be no going back from climate chaos if we don’t halt polluting corporations and change the system

Climate change negotiations are being dominated by irresponsible states, polluters and corporations that only care about current operations and the furtherance of profits through more fossil fuel exploitation and in new carbon markets which are destroying forests, soil, wetlands, rivers, mangroves and oceans, and financializing and privatizing ecosystems and nature itself on which our lives depend.

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Indigenous Ideas about "Living Well" Can Help Heal the Planet

Plato wrote the familiar phrase: "a true creator is necessity, which is the mother of invention." Maybe it is not surprising, then, that the most novel proposals for how to solve the current crisis and all the damage it has wrought on people and the planet aren't coming from Wall Street or the World Bank; they're coming from the places that have suffered the most at the hands of the economic downturn, the tsunamis and other natural disasters, the loss of farmland to drought and industrial farming, and the gobbling up of forests and natural resources by corporations. 

Video: Press briefing on the lessons from the typhoon tragedy in the Philippines: a wake up call for governments to address climate change


Press briefing on lessons from the typhoon tragedy in the Philippines: a wake up call for governments to address climate change 

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The recent tragedy as a result of super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) which hit the Philippines has confirmed the enormous social and environmental costs of climate change. Global warming is real and happening now.

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Groups from Southeast Asia amplify demands for urgent action to address climate crisis in the wake of catastrophe in the Philippines

Bangkok, 20 November 2013 -- Civil society organizations and networks from Southeast Asia, who gathered in Bangkok for a two-day regional conference on emissions cuts and low-carbon alternatives, stressed today their common demand for urgent actions from government’s both in the North an


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