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By Walden Bello
The following article came out in Business World (22 November, 1999) and other Asian newspapers.)

"Make sure to bring your raincoat," Anuradha Mittal of Food First, the famous food security advocacy institute based in the US, warned me on the phone. "It's pouring in Seattle."

By Aileen Kwa
Developing Countries’ Silence in the AIE Process

Developing countries (not including those of the Cairns Group) have jointly managed to produce a paltry number of 4 papers out of a the 45 (as of December 1998) submitted by member countries for the WTO’s Analysis and Information Exchange on the Agreement on Agriculture (AoA). This seeming lack of interest is alarming. Has the WTO served their needs so completely that there is no need for their comment? Certainly, the answer is a resounding No! Instead, there seems to be (as it has been for a long time), an institutionalised powerlessness which one way or another silences the countries of the South.

By Aileen Kwa
As civil society groups from all over the world are gearing up for their organised demonstrations at Seattle opposing a new round, developing governments, too, have been looking at what shape the negotiations at Seattle and beyond should take.
This was the objective of a recent G15 meeting of developing country governments in Bangalore 17-18 August. Southern governments met to establish solidarity and to forge common objectives for the WTO's Third Ministerial Conference.


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