Trade and Investment

By Aileen Kwa
Too often, we hear people talk about globalisation as if it were an inevitable occurance. I have even heard some folks ascribe to it as a train that has rolled out of the station at high speed, leaving the rest of us on the platform scrambling after it, fearful of being left behind... and suffer presumably dire consequences.

The GATT and now the World Trade Organisation is not the only institution, but certainly one of the key institutions or actors responsible for speeding up the mechanism of that train which is running down ‘fast track capitalism’.

By Walden Bello
GENEVA - During his State of the Union address on January 20, President Bill Clinton announced his support for new negotiations in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) beginning in late 1999. But whether Clinton meant "comprehensive negotiations," as proposed by the European Union and Japan, or a more limited round, is still unclear.


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