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Focus on the Global South (Focus) is a non-governmental organisation with offices in Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and India. Focus combines policy research, advocacy, activism and grassroots capacity building to generate critical analysis and debates among social movements, civil society organisations, elected officials, government functionaries and the general public on national and international policies related to corporate-led globalisation, neo-liberalism and militarisation. 

Focus on the Global South joined thousands of workers, labor groups, civil society organizations, and social movements in Manila to commemorate International Workers' Day. May 1 is also known as Labor Day and is a public holiday in the Philippines. Why do we have Labor Day? For whom is Labor Day celebrated?

Judy Ann Chan-Miranda of Partido Manggagawa shares us her thoughts on May Day.

Para Saan at Kanino ang Mayo Uno?
Manila, Philippines
1 May 2017


Focus on the Global South, the Philippines-Cuba Friendship Association, and the University of the Philippines-College of Mass Communications (UP-CMC) are co-organizing an event dubbed “The Struggle Against Forgetting: A Writer’s (Journalist & Novelist) Perspective,” 4th April 2017, 1 - 4 P.M. at the UP-CMC Auditorium.

FTAs aren’t just about ‘trade’. They’re comprehensive agreements to lock in free market capitalism, strengthen the power of global corporations, finance, and powerful governments, and advance their geopolitical objectives. 

There are direct links between FTAs, climate change, ecological devastation, and violations of Indigenous Peoples’, workers’ and farmers’ rights. 

This morning, around 80 community members came together to participate in an event in Cambodia to commemorate International Women’s Day.

Of the participants, around 30 were local schoolchildren, with members of social movements and civil society organisations also participating, including two from Messenger Band, one from Social Action for Change and one from Focus on the Global South.

22 February 2017, Manila, Philippines - Civil society and grassroots organizations from across Asia gathered in Manila for a two-day strategy meeting, February 21 and 22, to discuss a global campaign against inequality. Calling themselves the Fight Inequality Alliance, the group believes that a global movement is what it’s going to take to address and fight inequality, which has reached extreme proportions in this century, and has created devastating impacts on communities and countries, and on the climate.


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