UN Conference on Sustainable Development - Rio 20+

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In 30 minutes we take a look at the highlights of the Peoples’ Summit in Rio for our English-speaking audience. We have special guests, phone interviews with activists and the participation of panelists of the Summit’s plenary sessions and assemblies. We build communication to say NO to ’green economy’ and to present real solutions from the social movements.

by Rebeca Leonard
originally published in the BangkokPost

The governments of the world gather again to renew their commitment to sustainable development at the Rio+20 "Earth Summit".

While Thailand will claim to be taking action to promote sustainable development by protecting its forests, it will say less about the social injustices created in the way it is going about doing this.

There are many examples that could be raised. One is the notorious "global warming" cases, in which at least 34 villagers in the Northeast and South of Thailand are being prosecuted and sued by Thailand's Royal Forest Department and the National Park Department.

The lawsuits have resulted in small-scale farmers being required to pay hundreds of thousands of baht per head in damages for so-called environmental destruction in the forests.

From the perspective of someone who has just been deprived of their sole means of livelihood, sums of around US$12,000 (378,000 baht), the average total of damages sought from each farmer, are very large _ the equivalent of adding up the 300-baht minimum wage every day for around three and a half years.

With speakers from Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, South Africa, Uruguay and beyond…

Spanish, Portuguese and English translation provided
Organised by Focus on the Global South


Porqué la “economía verde” no es una opción
Estudios de caso de proyectos fallidos de Mecanismos de Desarrollo Limpio y REDD
en Asia, Latino America y África.

Jueves 21 Junio
9h00 – 11h00
Plenaria 5, Cupula dos Povos

With leaders from La Via Campesina, labour and indigenous movements, World March of Women and other movements… hosted by Pablo Solon


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