Afsar Jafri

By Afsar Jafri and Mansi Sharma 

In the last few years, the culture of impunity has left bloody patches across the secular democratic fabric of India. Repression of dissent is on the rise and perpetrators are free to lynch anyone who dares to keep meat in their fridge or follow their age-old profession of skinning a dead cow. A mere friendly casual talk among fellow travellers in a train compartment can become violent if one dares to express a negative comment about the present government or its policies. 

2015 is a significant year in the history of the International Free trade regime, as its key multilateral instrument, the World Trade Organization (WTO), completes 20 years. Two decades of the WTO have raised many questions, most significantly, is the WTO relevant to small and marginal farmers in the Global South? This question remains relevant as developing countries continue to fight for protection and gains for their small and marginal farmers.


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