Clarissa Militante

With the “US pivot” in Asia-Pacific, a divided Asean vis-à-vis the territorial disputes on Southeast Asian waters and an aggressive China stance, a global crisis and European “social decomposition” that is expected to further escalate before it stabilizes, an Asia-Europe as well as international social movements solidarity has become not only an imperative, but more so as urgent. 

Contents:Whose growth? Whose democracy? by Clarissa Militante

Voices from the countryside:Farmers speak of agrarian reform strugglesby Mary Ann Manahan

APECO's story: two visions of development contend in land grab caseby Jerik Cruz

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Defending water justice and democracy in Asia: alternatives to commercialization and privitizationby Mary Ann Manahan, Buenaventura Dargantes, Cheryl Batistel

by Clarissa Militante

“The Future We Want,” the text being discussed by governments for Rio+20, promotes rhetoric of empowering women but in reality, it not only disempowers them further, it also gives more rights and access to corporations.

by Clarissa Militante

A few weeks ago, women in Pakistan whose husbands or relatives had gone missing blamed the US w’ar against terror’ for the enforced disappearances of loved ones.

The phenomenon felt so close to the Philippines. It is not strange to imagine the pain the women are undergoing and their struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives.

I remember writing the first scene of my novel in 2008. It was an emotional, gut-wrenching response to the disappearance of two female students, one of them pregnant, from the state university.


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