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We're pleased to announce the release of State of Fragmentation: The Philippines in Transition. The book is jointly published by Focus on the Global South and Friedrich Ebert Siftung and authored by: Walden Bello, Kenneth Cardenas, Jerome Patrick Cruz, Alinaya Fabros, Mary Ann Manahan, Clarissa Militante, Joseph Purugganan, and Jenina Joy Chavez.

A book launch was held in Manila on October 17, and photos are on our Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of Interaksyon

By Clarissa V. Militante, 24 May 2014

More than 30 years after soldiers under the Marcos regime killed Macli-ing Dulag because he led the Cordillera communities' resistance against construction of dams in the Chico River, the attacks on indigenous peoples have become more and more blatant in recent years in the context of heightening conflict over resources.

With the “US pivot” in Asia-Pacific, a divided Asean vis-à-vis the territorial disputes on Southeast Asian waters and an aggressive China stance, a global crisis and European “social decomposition” that is expected to further escalate before it stabilizes, an Asia-Europe as well as international social movements solidarity has become not only an imperative, but more so as urgent. 

Contents:Whose growth? Whose democracy? by Clarissa Militante

Voices from the countryside:Farmers speak of agrarian reform strugglesby Mary Ann Manahan

APECO's story: two visions of development contend in land grab caseby Jerik Cruz

Photos: Agrarian Reform Campaign and Consultations; FOCUS in Rio 20+ Meeting; FOCUS at the Asia-Europe Peoples' Forum 9, in Ventiane Laos

Defending water justice and democracy in Asia: alternatives to commercialization and privitizationby Mary Ann Manahan, Buenaventura Dargantes, Cheryl Batistel


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