ON 20 SEPTEMBER 2011 in New York, President Benigno S. Aquino III will deliver his keynote remarks at the Open Government Partnership (OGP) conference titled “The Power of Open: A Global Discussion”.  The conference brings together governments, civil society, industry leaders, academics and  media, with panels discussing the role of openness in improving government responsiveness and accountability, fighting corruption, and creating efficiencies, innovation and growth.

Démondialisation is a top issue in French presidential campaign with few rising to globalization’s defense  

by Pierre Haski - Yale Global Online

PARIS: As France gears up for next year’s presidential election, one word dominates the headlines – démondialisation. Although France is not about to stop the world and get off, the emotional debate over globalization could bring policy changes. Globalization has never been a popular concept in France, even though French companies and consumers benefit from global interconnectedness. With the effect of the 2008 financial crisis still biting and emerging economies like China casting long shadows, globalization is more unpopular than ever. The call for “deglobalizing” has begun to spread out from fringe parties into mainstream political parties.

Using case studies from the manufacturing sector in India this paper aims to provide an understanding of the theoretical framework proposed by feminist economists on the process of economic liberalisation.

Events in Libya and Syria have again brought to the forefront the question of armed humanitarian intervention or the “responsibility to protect.”

Our hearts all go out to the unarmed demonstrators seeking to bring down corrupt dictatorships that are a plague on their people. In Tunisia and Egypt, the people rose and deposed dictators on their own. Armed supporters of the Mubarak regime did attack and even fire on people in Tahrir Square, but a massive crackdown was avoided when the military decided not to take the side of the dictator. 


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