Talk at Conference on “Towards an Ecological and Socially Just Transition to the Next Economy,” Edge Funders Alliance, Berkeley, CA, April 30, 2014

Let me thank the Edge Funders Alliance, especially Mark Randazzo, for inviting me to this conference.

Let me place my coming remarks in context, and the global context has among its key features the following:

The Transnational Institute (TNI) invites you to a public talk with Susan George (President of TNI and honorary president of ATTAC-France, author of ‘Whose Crisis, Whose Future (Polity Books 2010)’, Pablo Solón (Executive director of Focus on the Global South, former Bolivian Ambassador to the UN) and Pedro Paez (Former Plenipotentiary Ambassador for the Ecuadorian Government on the New International Financial Architecture and Chair of the Ecuadorian Presidential Technical Commission for the design of a New Regional Financial Architecture –

Can regional integration offer a way out of the current economic, climate, food and energy crises? In this video documentary, activists from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe* argue that regional integration is the only viable response to these crises.


Video Documentary | 26 minutes | April 2012

By Walden Bello*
Foreign Policy in Focus 

Apple’s march to market supremacy has been accomplished at tremendous cost to both American and Chinese workers.

Ever since the beginning of the current global economic crisis, the focus of both critical analysis and public odium has been speculative capital. In the populist narrative, it was the breathtaking shenanigans of the banks in an atmosphere of deregulation that led to the economic collapse. The “financial economy,” characterized as parasitic and bad, was contrasted to the “real economy,” which was said to produce real goods and real value. Resources flowed into speculative activities in finance, resulting in a loss of dynamism in the real economy and eventually leading to credit cutoff at the height of the crisis, causing bankruptcies and massive layoffs.


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