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“I feel unsafe. I always lose things, even clothes. Clothes get stolen when being dried. If we have money to buy good (valuable) things and keep them in the room, we have to be watchful.”

While the garment and textile industry remains one of the major sectors contributing to Cambodia’s rapid economic growth, the living conditions of those who work in this industry are still generally poor. A collective action research report led by Cambodian women activist workers, “The Reality of the National Economic Backbone” is now available in English language. The report details the reality of workers’ living conditions.

The report is divided into three sections. Section 01 covers issues related to health and hygiene. It describes workers’ access to health services and treatment costs, and sanitation around workers’ accommodation, including the general environment of the rental units, food quality, water quality, hand washing facilities, etc. Section 02 illustrates issues of security and safety, including theft, break-ins, gangs, and sexual harassment. Section 03 covers accommodation status, including standards and services. Suggestions and recommendations are included at the end of the report.