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Building Community: The Search for Alternative Regionalism in Southeast Asia 1
Jenina Joy Chavez
Neo-liberalism and the Working People of Southeast Asia
Rene Ofreneo
China and Southeast Asia: Emerging Problems in an Economic Relation
Walden Bello
Welcome China!: China’s Rise and its Increasing Role in ASEAN
Dorothy Guerrero
Development and Plunder in the Mekong Region
Shalmali Guttal
Raising a Different Flag: Struggles for Self-Determination in Southeast Asia
Herbert Docena
Democracy and Human Rights in ASEAN
Rashid Kang
The Role of Non-State Actors in ASEAN
Alexander Chandra
Engaging the ASEAN Charter Process: Submissions to the Eminent Persons Group on the ASEAN Charter
Solidarity for Asian People’s Advocacy
Submission on the Security Pillar
Submission on the Economic Pillar
Submission on the Socio-Cultural Pillar
ANNEXES: Understanding ASEAN
Julie de los Reyes and Mary Ann Manahan