World Beyond Banks
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Bali, Indonesia – Focus on the Global South this week joins delegates from local, national, regional and international people’s movements and NGOs for the “World Without Banks” series of activities protesting the World Band and International Monetary Fund (WB-IMF) meetings. Assemblies, public forums, concerts, exhibits and protest marches aim to highlight the devastation to communities, nature and human rights resulting from neoliberal policies and so-called development projects pushed by the WB-IMF. The Peoples’ Assembly at the Gerak Lawan / World Beyond Banks programme is happening at the TVRI Field in Denpasar until 14 October 2018.

The World Beyond Banks protests was also an opportunity to showcase people’s protest music from around Southeast Asia.

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In the photos below,  Gerak Lawan delegates converge at the Parkir Timur Lapangan Renon for the #WorldBeyondBanks Infrastructure Day of Action: Celebrating Knowledge, Reclaiming Life — a solidarity action with cultural activities, ritual, and reflection session on the global economic system, the impacts of mega-infrastructure projects to the communities, the erosion of people’s knowledge and social justice, and the destruction of harmonious human-nature relationship.

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