By Afsar Jafri and Mansi Sharma 

In the last few years, the culture of impunity has left bloody patches across the secular democratic fabric of India. Repression of dissent is on the rise and perpetrators are free to lynch anyone who dares to keep meat in their fridge or follow their age-old profession of skinning a dead cow. A mere friendly casual talk among fellow travellers in a train compartment can become violent if one dares to express a negative comment about the present government or its policies. 

GLORIA CAPITAN. Mother. Community leader. Anti-coal activist. Environmental and human rights defender. Fellow comrade.


By Galileo de Guzman Castillo[i]


Nang ang itim ay pinalitan ng pula

At nag-iwan nang ‘sang malalim na marka

Na siya namang nagsisilbing alaala

Para sa mga naiwan ni Ka Gloria


Gloria, holds a postcard demanding justice for Jennifer Laude, a Filipino transwoman who was murdered by an American military serviceman, Joseph Pemberton, who was in the Philippines to participate in joint Philippine & US military exercises in 2014.

Struggling on Dangerous Ground [i]

By Val De Guzman [ii]



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