GLORIA CAPITAN. Mother. Community leader. Anti-coal activist. Environmental and human rights defender. Fellow comrade.


By Galileo de Guzman Castillo[i]


Nang ang itim ay pinalitan ng pula

At nag-iwan nang ‘sang malalim na marka

Na siya namang nagsisilbing alaala

Para sa mga naiwan ni Ka Gloria


Gloria, holds a postcard demanding justice for Jennifer Laude, a Filipino transwoman who was murdered by an American military serviceman, Joseph Pemberton, who was in the Philippines to participate in joint Philippine & US military exercises in 2014.

Struggling on Dangerous Ground [i]

By Val De Guzman [ii]


Landowners resorting to “legal harassment” or the act of ling numerous criminal cases to weaken dissenting farmers’ groups are common cases in agrarian disputes in the Philippines.

By Clarissa V. Militante

Impunity has been de ned by the international legal community, including the United Nations and the International Criminal Court, as being ‘exempt from punishment’, and thus the implication is that when the perpetrator is not brought before justice and excepted from punishment based on law, then the victim and his/her kin are denied due process and justice too.


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