GLORIA CAPITAN. Mother. Community leader. Anti-coal activist. Environmental and human rights defender. Fellow comrade.


By Galileo de Guzman Castillo[i]

Date posted: Tuesday, 2016 Aug 02nd
Gloria, holds a postcard demanding justice for Jennifer Laude, a Filipino transwoman who was murdered by an American military serviceman, Joseph Pemberton, who was in the Philippines to participate in joint Philippine & US military exercises in 2014.

Struggling on Dangerous Ground [i]

By Val De Guzman [ii]

Date posted: Tuesday, 2016 Aug 02nd

Landowners resorting to “legal harassment” or the act of ling numerous criminal cases to weaken dissenting farmers’ groups are common cases in agrarian disputes in the Philippines.

Date posted: Monday, 2016 Aug 01st

By Clarissa V. Militante

Impunity has been de ned by the international legal community, including the United Nations and the International Criminal Court, as being ‘exempt from punishment...

Date posted: Monday, 2016 Aug 01st

2015 is a significant year in the history of the International Free trade regime, as its key multilateral instrument, the World Trade Organization (WTO), completes 20 years. Two decades of the WTO...

Date posted: Monday, 2016 Aug 01st

[Mr.] Den is not going anywhere, he is always with us, in our heart” said the sister of Mr. Den Kamlae, a land rights defender who has been missing since 16 April 2016, during a...

Date posted: Sunday, 2016 Jul 31st

By Alina Carrillo and Shalmali Guttal

It was Sunday morning on the 10th of July in the Caltex coffee shop in Phnom Penh, a place where many locals went to start their day. In a few moments...

Date posted: Sunday, 2016 Jul 31st

More than 80 participants representing trade unions, farming communities, indigenous peoples, health networks, women’s organisations, academia and civil society organizations met on 27-28 July in...

Date posted: Friday, 2016 Jul 29th


Bangkok, 21 July 2016 – Dr. Walden Bello, a former member of the Philippine Congress who sponsored the House of Representatives resolution renaming the South China Sea...

Date posted: Thursday, 2016 Jul 21st


  • Marked the 20th anniversary of Focus on the Global South with a two-day International Conference on Peoples’ Struggles and Alternatives - over 120 people attended,...

Date posted: Sunday, 2016 Jul 10th